In the area of Web-Production we work on an exceptional level. In addition, we were able to establish our reputation in the Mobile Production as well.

Our teams consist of broadcasting professionals and –technicians with longstanding experience in a vast variety of events and occasions.

Thanks to our cooperation with the ETH Zürich we developed automated production units (autonomic camera system DCDOP) that made us unbeatable in terms of price and quality.

LIVE Event

Conferences, events, shows, media & marketing events and many more: We call big and –small time players in the business our entrusted partners. Our teams consist of broadcasting professionals and –technicians with longstanding experience in an immense variety of events and happenings.

Our camera-team sends live feeds through the web directly onto your website or, if requested, on any other different media-platform. The live stream is able to manage and maintain a high count of views easily while keeping your expenses for equipment-, streaming-, power-, and encoding costs to a minimum.


The overall concept of our live streaming services is set on a professional live-broadcast of events on the web. Due to the presence of a flexible production unit we can create a high quality transmission with up to 10 cameras. Feeds can be file based delivered. The vision mixer has a graphic system for inserts integrated.


Web-TV is a trend on the internet that can hardly be ignored. Whether video portals such as YouTube, company-websites, organizations, or private entities – everywhere you look you come across the “Play” –button providing the user entertaining or informative video feeds. You will profit from our longstanding experience in conception, production and distribution of film feeds for the web and mobile services.


Aside from a classic chain of distribution such as film & television, early on, our focus was on new media allocations.