More Flexibility

dreicast-productions operate completely autarkic and without any additional effort on the client’s end. Thanks to specific minimization of redundant technology we are able to maneuver in the narrowest spaces. We deliver everything you need in discrete dreicast-boxes and assist you in an appropriate dress-code through out your event.

Latest Technology

dreicast-Live productions will be recorded with three to six studio-cameras. Our technology is 4k-ready and we do record in Ultra-HD. Due to our most modern SDI/HDMI- broadcast-mixers, our ssD-MAZen with unlimited recording time and our H.264 Pro-Recorder, our clients can profit from the highest level of professionalism.

More Opportunities

Nowadays information get circulated through different kinds of medias and all kind of devices. All dreicast productions are made live on-site and are ready to go out on the client’s desired channel – from the Web to the Smartphone.

Less Expenses

Thanks to optimized staffing and the elimination of postproduction we are able to offer affordable and transparent package deals. We employ exclusively trained and experienced camera crews, AV- and studio technicians.

More Security

Our diminutive systems guarantee a maximum of security. dreicast works with mixers that are based on an integrated operating system, which is protected by a “Restart-Fail-Safe Mode”; the computer simply serves as a control panel. Your data will only be stored locally at all times and will be delivered safely on a flash-drive.

Best Support

Apart from the professional and cost-efficient dreicast-quotes our well-known clients appreciate our personal, competent and fast- progressing support. All of our employees have their own personal broadcast-, ENG- and event-organizational background and they all come along with a great deal of experience.

Global Experience

We established a profound know-how in the execution of international productions. Whenever possible we seek out to cooperate with local Partners in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

In 2004, while still operating under the name VGM, we started to help developing solutions for conferences and on demand services as well as video-contents for intra- and extra networks. We worked with clients all around the world, on four different continents, on a variety of projects on-site. Hence, we are equipped to face any possible concerns along the way.


A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

“Quick, professional and productive. Best Service out there.”
“Your team is now an essential component of our planning.”
“The Appway Sphere will be hosting this year again and we would be happy about another partnership with you.”
“They were about two-thirds cheaper than the counter-offer, I have no idea how they do it.”
“All the videos and interviews of the last meeting are online. We are very happy”
“Productive and very flexible. Many Thanks!”
“All webcasts were online 15 minutes after the presentation, really impressive”