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Crowdsourced questions

Getting the best questions with our service is really easy. Attendees simply need to join your event online and login with an event code.

Let your participants ask questions from any device and vote for the ones they like the most.

Let the people decide which questions they would most like to discuss. They can up or downvote.

Enable participants to comment on each others' questions.

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Live Polls

It’s time to interact with your audience during your presentation. Dreicast offers you a real-time responsive element on stage. Ask questions, feel the pulse of your audience and visualize the answers as they come in, right here, right now.

Include your poll in your presentation.

Automatically trigger new questions and integrate live visualization of incoming answers

Concentrate on your presentation, not the technology.

Digital Signage

Communicate with your visitors in real time. With our digital signage solution, you can ensure your visitors are always up to date with the latest information. Broadcast your messages anywhere on as many screens as you like and improve the impact of your communications. Thanks to our web-based content management system, you have the flexibility to access and manage your content at anytime.

Individual, personalised messages for visitors

Uncomplicated creation and adaptation of content, even during the event

Integration of various data feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS

Event Website

An event website is the virtual equivalent of the physical event in the real world though most of the organisers neglect this online real estate. 78 percent of people search on the internet for events.

Will serve as the online hub for event info, updates, blog posts, videos, and more.

Hosted on our servers, mapped to your personal domain! For free!

Tailored to fit your needs and your budget

Live Event Blogging

Keep the audience informed on the key themes and announcements and drive audience participation through questions and reactions to posts. Showcase the highlights for each speaker. Social is part of the event story but is not the whole story...

Each event update can be automatically posted on your Facebook page and on Twitter too.

You can post text, tweets, images, galleries, videos... Or all of them!

You can update your event live using your phone or tablet and you can upload pics right from the camera!

Social Wall

A social wall bridges the gap between offline and online communication at events or conferences. You can use the social wall and hashtags to collect social media posts from your attendees and display them for everyone to see.

Set up a social wall to promote your hashtags at your event and get more people to use them.

Add depth to the event experience with a physical social wall that encourages audience participation.

Personalize your wall with branding and sponsor cards. Make them sticky and always show any custom content!

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Online Ticketing & Check-In

Sell tickets or allow free registration for practically any type of event such as a concert, church camp, school function, fund raiser, conference, or sports fixture. Dreicast will have you up and running within minutes. No technical skills needed on your side!

Branded PDF tickets with barcode support

Express Check-In: Makes checking in attendees at your event a fast and effortless process

Free iOS & Android check-in app