Security & Certification

Our services focus on innovation, integrity, reliability, precision and accuracy.


guarantees a quality management system that meets customer expectations and any official requirements


Meets the requirements of Circular 08/7 (Outsourcing Banks) of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

SSL Stream & HLS

This is valid for video retrieval via HTML5 HLS (+DASH, etc.), as this is done via HTTP - and can therefore be switched to HTTPS.


specifies the requirements for information technology, security and information security facilities


is a confirmation from a third independent institution that a building has been developed according to measurably sustainable criteria

GEO-IP Access Restriction

that the stream may not be accessed from country X, Y, or vice versa, which may only be accessed from country X, Y only.

The data center of Swiss quality

The data center infrastructure of our partners of is exclusively located in Switzerland. This means that our customers, whose data and infrastructure are subject to Swiss jurisdiction.

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