Live Event

Conferences, events, shows, media and marketing events and numerous other shows: we enjoy the trust of large and small organisers. Our teams are made up of broadcast professionals and technicians with many years of experience from a wide variety of events and disciplines.

Our camera team sends live to your website or wherever you want. The Live Stream easily handles high viewer ratios while keeping your costs for equipment, streaming, energy, personnel and encoding costs at an unrivalled low level.

Live Streaming

Whether it's a media conference, general meeting or cultural event: with live streaming, we bring your event live on the Internet. Interference-free, in the very best picture and sound quality and - if you like - even translated simultaneously. In this way you can be sure to reach the whole world and make sure that even those who can't be there live can be there.

The overall concept of the live streaming offer is designed to deliver professional live broadcasts of your events on the Internet. In the flexible production unit, a high-quality transmission signal can be generated with up to 10 cameras. Contributions can be played back file-based and a graphic system for lower-thirds etc. is integrated in the image mixer.

Webcast / Video-on-Demand

It is often the case that attending an event becomes impossible, for example due to long travel times. It therefore makes sense to record your event in full in order to make it accessible later. Audio, video and slides are recorded in such a way that your customers don't miss a thing despite their absence. Slides are recorded during your event and do not need to be delivered in advance or added later. Whether on video portals such as YouTube or on websites of companies, organisations and private individuals - the "Play" button attracts users everywhere and offers them entertaining or informative film contributions. You benefit from our years of experience in the conception, production and distribution of film for Internet and mobile services.


In contrast to the on-demand webcast, where the information is only transmitted in one direction, a webinar is interactive and enables two-way communication between the lecturer and the participants. Enrich your live presentations with interactive surveys, polls and question-and-answer sessions to ensure your attendees' attention.